What kind of hair do you purchase?


Our hair quality will always stand above all other “so-called” hair grades. Our extensions will always be soft, rich in shine and always true to its description. Our goal is not only to provide you with products of extremely gorgeous hair extensions, but also give great information to our existing and potential customers on why our company brand of hair extensions is so bomb.

So, here’s a small lesson on China’s hair manufacturer’s grading system. Most hair manufacturers in China use this system to stay competitive with other manufacturing hair companies. These companies have used and continue to use grading as a marketing strategy to increase product sales. A few years ago, Chinese manufacturers started with grading their product of hair extensions at 5A. Each year their grades have gone up in numbers. Again, this is so that companies can stay competitive in the retail hair market.

As of 2019, manufacturers are marketing 11A and 12A grade hair extensions. Does this mean that the hair quality is better than the year before the last? Absolutely not. The higher the grade is, only means that these manufacturers have taken the same old hair from the year before, added another chemical or new chemicals to make the hair more appealing to market and sell. These chemicals vary depending on the company.

The chemicals are added to create color, shine, keep the hair bundles silky and also hold unified curl patterns. If you have ever bought hair extensions from a company using this grading system, you should already know from experience that the hair quality changes after a few washes. That’s because your washing away all the chemicals process and you are now able to see the hair extensions you bought in its original state. Once you are able to see the hair in its original state you will notice that the colors in each strand of hair may look different, the hair is no longer as silky and shiny as it was when you first purchased it. Also, the hair tangles a lot and is dry, brittle with excessive shedding. Not to mention the many different names for the hair’s origin.

Chinese manufacturers use names like Brazilian, Malaysian, Eurasian, Peruvian, Mink, etc. These names are all for the same purpose, marketing and sales. Although, there may be legitimate hair donors from those regions, it would not amount to the number of products being sold worldwide daily.

In our own experience while researching for the best quality hair, three salesmen from three different hair companies informed us that the hair they sold were all the same. The hair was scrap hair purchased from India in bulk, washed, weft and chemically processed to create a certain look with curl pattern. Also, giving a name and grade to each for consumer appeal. This is China’s grading system. However, many consumers may not be aware of this fact or may not care where their hair extensions originate.

Sassae Hair Extensions takes pride in our brand products and providing quality hair which is globally sourced and true to origin.