Tips On How To Match The Color Of Your Extensions To Your Hair

Since you have decided to get your own set of hair augmentations, the next stage is to find you the shade of extensions that suits you. Here’s a guide on the most proficient method to locate the best match for you:

1. Consult With An Expert

Sassae Hair Extensions have customer service that assists buyers to find the right shade. You can reach out to us sending us a message in this site or facebook/instagram. You simply need to send a photo of your hair under natural light, in a raw and unedited version and the company’s customer service personnel will assist you in finding the match for your hair.

2. Match The Ends Of Your Hair.

There are times that our foundations have become out or from different shading treatments there is more shade than one. Simply match the ends of your hair, the effect will look like a soft balayage and it can even look as if you colored your hair on purpose.

3. Get Multiple Wefts For Your Hair Extensions.

Try not to get 1 major piece of hair, sure it’s anything but difficult to join however there will be an unmistakable contrast in shading and hair quality versus your own hair. Human Hair Extension sets as a rule come in 6 – 8 pcs, spread the hair extensions around your hair so you have a characteristic mix of shading rather than chunks of color.

4. Mixing And Matching Is Not Something To Be Afraid Of.

Odds are you will be uncertain and may fall in the middle of 2 shades. Why not get them both?! It will be simpler to combine and mix them to locate the correct tone of shading for your hair.

5. Hell! You Can Get A Highlight Or Lowlight.

On the off chance that you are as yet uncertain of the hues that will perfectly match your current set of locks, just consider getting a shade that can be your highlight or lowlight. It can either be a stark difference or a soft change in color but with this mindset you wont be afraid of going for the shade that you love.

Finally on the off chance that you despite everything cannot locate the perfect shade, simply shading it to coordinate your hair. Purchasing 100% Human Hair Extensions has it advantages. You can color your hair augmentations to coordinate the shading you need, much the same as with Sassae Hair Extensions. Rule of thumb is its much easier to dye going dark than to lighten, consider this tip if you are thinking of changing your hair extensions from one shade to another.