Showcase Wigs

Welcome to our showcase room. This showcase room will display all wigs that have been creatively colored or styled. Please pay attention to the unit of choice. Many of these showroom units are displayed to inspire a stylish look for our customers. Some units for purchase will be ready to ship the next business day and some are one back order which means your will have to order the unit of choice to be recreated, then shipped out. This process can be completed and ready to ship or installed by request, within 10-20 business days or less. Our luxury showroom will excite all true wig lovers, who can’t wait to purchase the delights they have seen displayed on our website or any of our social media platforms. Once again, please take the time to read all descriptions for the unit of your choice. Make sure you know your head size, whether it be small, medium, large head circumference. If your don’t know your head size and need to find out how you can measure your own head; then check out our FAQ page found in a drop down column at the top of our home page or watch our video instructions on our custom wig page. This is very important, because the wigs that are displayed in this showroom may not have been made in your exact head size or have been placed on back order. In this case there is nothing for you to worry about at all. You can still purchase the same wig with the same color, cut, and style in your exact head cap size. All you need to do is click our menu at the top of the page. Click on shop wigs, then stroll down and click on create custom wigs. Please take your time reading the requirements that you will need to start the process for your custom wig. While you are still in the showcase room,  take a good look around. Enjoy the view of our top quality hair and our beautiful machine sewn wigs. Just imagine which unit will be your new alter ego. All you need to do is read, click and buy.  It is just that simple to be a beautiful new diva with a few short clicks and a few shipping days.