How long should my hair be if I want to use hair extensions?

So you have your hair short, and you need to utilize hair extensions to either extend it back, or have more space for styling.

Any short hair will do, right?


Despite the fact that we need to connect hair expansions to all short haired ladies who need hair augmentations, that can’t generally be the situation.

There are various kinds of hair extensions available in the market: clip on hair extensions, stick hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions, tape extensions, and more. A few things are common, and one of them is the length of your hair they require to have hair extensions attached.

The typical hair length required to connect hair extensions is at any rate underneath the ear or chin length hair.

You may ask why there’s a length required. This is on the grounds that the hair extensions attachment part part may show up when the hair is excessively short. What’s more, we realize that we as a whole need in hair extensions: to make it to show up as consistent and natural under the circumstances.

One Sassae Pro-Tip we could impart to you is to have your hair layered. A straight trimmed causes the hair to seem thicker and chunkier, which makes it hard for hair extensions to mix seamlessly.

We are not telling that a straight trimmed hair can’t wear hair extensions, yet you may require more bits of hair extensions on that account.

And when your hair is in a layered style, we still have to follow the hair requirement rule. That means the shortest strand of the layered hair you have must be at least below the ear or chin length.