A closure is a section of human hair strands, hand-woven into a cut piece of lace mesh. Closures are used and applied to the top front of your head to achieve versatility with free, middle and side part hairstyles. Fabricated in patch sizes as small as 2” wide by 6” long, but commonly used in sizes 4”- 6” to cover larger sections of hair from your forehead hairline to your crown. SHE offers closure sizes 4”x 4” through 7”x 7” in many textures and lace colors.

A lace frontal is a larger cut mesh which covers the entire front area of your head from ear to ear. Frontals are hugely popular in the hair extension industry amongst buyers who are looking to achieve a more realistic hairline, edges and unlimited styling options. SHE offers sizes of 13”x 4” and 13”x 6” to cover up to a 1/3 of your head. Our lace frontals also come in a few colors. All of which can be tinted to match your complexion for a flawless look.

Closures or frontals are added to mostly all bundle packages of 2 or more pieces.  Over recent years, they’ve become very popular amongst all brands. Many women who have chosen to go from processing or relaxing their hair to a natural texture choose to add closures or frontals to their package to blend with their newly purchased  bundles of hair to have a flawless look for their hairstyle. Also, many other women purchasing 2 or more bundles who choose to add a closure or frontal to create a bundle package may have a health or hair loss issue. If these women want to cover any hair thinning or hair loss, the lace piece add-on will help cover the scalp area and give a complete full hairstyle.

Raw hair is technically virgin hair. Raw hair comes from a single donor. It is tied and cut after the donor has combed their hair to lay all cuticles in one direction. This quality of hair has never been altered by steam or chemicals. The difference between to two are simple.  They both come from a single donor, combed and cut after laying the cuticles on the same direction. This type of hair is steamed to create different curl or wave patterns. When the steam processing is complete these patterns are listed by the company as textures.

Using shampoo on any texture of our hair extensions should never alter the original state of the hair pattern. When bleaching/processing our hair, only the original color will lift to brighten the hair. As tested it will not change any texture of our brand of hair extensions.

Methods can depend on hair type and life style. Professionals use techniques such as strand by strand bonding, sew-in, clip-in, ponytails, microlinks, knotting, tape-in, glued-in and wigs. These install techniques vary in prices.

Make sure your hair is always completely dry when you go to bed. Sleeping on wet hair can tangle your hair and over time may cause hair odor. As long as you never sleep on wet hair, there is nothing to worry about at night.

When it comes down to doing the research, we took a look at beauty supply hair extensions and brands. We found that mainly all the beauty supply stores carry chemically processed hair. These products look and feel great for the price, but keep in mind that you get what your willing to pay. Many people will purchase these products and are not able to use them more than one time. The hair changes texture sometimes after shampooing and mostly dont take to any lifting/bleaching. Most hair come wefted and packaged mixing synthic hair fiber in between each strand of hair. This can cause melting of hair strand with high heating tools, tangling and lost of luster. Purchasing any SHE products will replace your beauty supply fetish. Giving all customers a better option to invest well on products that are not processed using harsh chemicals that may potentially irritate the skin. As well as giving the customer top quality hair that will last 1-3 year with proper maintenance. Our brand of hair extensions are the best beauty enhance investment you can make for your crown.

Depending on the length, style and volume is how you will choose the amount of hair to purchase. Consult with your stylist on the amount to purchase if you are installing your hair extensions professionally.

SHE is a brand that can guarantee our quality of extensions with proper storage and maintenance will last 1-3 years.

Orders placed Monday-Friday before 12:00 pm EST will be processed in 1-3 business days.  Orders placed after 12:00 pm EST will be processed on the next business day. Orders placed Sat.-Sun. will be processed on the next business day.

We know you will love our SHE brand. But just in case, we have a return and refund policy for all our products. Feel free to check this policy on our website.